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Organic Dry Cleaning • Expert Alterations • Leather and Suede Cleaning • Shirt Laundry, Hanger or Box • Wedding Gown, Clean / Alterations / Preservation in Box • Comfortor and Pillow Cleaning • Drapery Cleaning • Wash and Fold Service • Table Cloth and Linen Cleaning

Organic Dry Cleaning

Organic Cleaning is healthy, safe for the environment, and effective.

"What is Organic Cleaning? In 2009 Rainbow Cleaners converted our store and updated our machinery to clean our garments using a process called "Wet Cleaning". This process uses fresh water and specially formulated detergent in a computer controlled process that regulates temperature, PH, moisture content and agitation to clean all types of garments. Wet cleaning produces garments that are much cleaner and feel softer with no chemical odor. At Rainbow Cleaners we have found this new organic process to be very effective in removing tough stains, also giving the clothes a very fresh feel, we hope you enjoy knowing that your clothes are cleaned completely safe for the environment, our workers and you.

Organic Cleaning is 100% Chemical Free.

Perc, the solvent used by 90% of dry cleaners is listed as a suspected carcinogen by the EPA, can damage the central nervous and reproductive systems, and has already been banned in California, and soon to be banned in New Jersey and Illinois.

Expert Alterations

Rainbow Cleaners has a full service Expert Alterations Operation, our seamstres has over 30 years experience in altering and creating clothing.  Our customers may come in to either of our stores for a simple hem, or a complete redesign of any type of clothing.

Leather and Suede Cleaning

Rainbow Cleaners provides quality cleaning of the most difficult garments including suede and leather, we have a short turn around time, ask today!!

Shirt Laundry, Hanger or Box

Rainbow Cleaners is a full service shirt laundry operation, we do not send your clothes to any other store, all the work is done in our Portage plant.  Shirts can be placed on hangers or in boxes for your convenience.

Wedding Gown, Clean / Alterations/ Preservation in Box

Rainbow Cleaners provides expert Wedding Gown Alterations, please call or stop in and make an appointment to see our seamstress.  All preservations of wedding gowns are placed in a specially designed sealed box for easy storage.

Comfortor and Pillow Cleaning

We clean all sizes of comforters or pillows in our plant, please stop in today to have your comforter feeling soft & fresh.

Drapery Cleaning

At Rainbow Cleaners we clean all sizes and styles of drapery.  Removal and hanging of your drapes can be provided by appointment.

Wash and Fold Service

Don't like doing the laundry?  Rainbow Cleaners provides a full service wash & fold service for your laundry.  Just bring in your clothes, we will clean and fold all your garments for $1.50 / lb.

Table Cloth and Linen Cleaning

Do you have a large table cloth that needs to be cleaned?  Our equipment is designed to handle the large table clothes and delicate linens.